VolControl has two modes of operation: The default mode is to register three hotkey combinations with Windows which correspond to the volume up, volume down and Volume Mute commands. The second mode will usurp the volume control keys on many media keyboards to the same effect. This allows the user to more granularly control the volume settings. VolControl is portable and does not require installation.

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License:Boredom Software Freeware License Language: Compiled Binary
Platform(s): Windows 2000 and Windows XP*

* Windows Vista and Windows 7 work with compatability mode. Windows ME and earlier are untested.

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Current Version 

The most current version of VolControl is 0.85 Beta (Last update: 7/25/11).

Change Log

  • 0.84 - 0.85
    • Several UI and settings tweaks and new features
  • 0.83 - 0.84
    • Minor bugfixes and tweaks
  • 0.82 - 0.83
    • The percentage text should now be properly centered for all fonts
    • Fixed (again, and at last, I hope) the bug where the volume would reset to a previous value under certain circumstances
  • 0.81 - 0.82
    • Fixed bug where the font face and font colors weren't being updated for meter bar previews
    • Added "gradient" styling option to the meter bar appearance.
  • 0.80 - 0.81
    • Fixed weird bug (I think) that caused the show/hide animations not to display properly.
  • 0.77 - 0.80
    • Replaced the system-supplied progressbar in the main meter with a customized one which the user can modify to suit their color scheme.
    • Added a new animation
    • Major internal reworking
    • Reformatted the settings window
  • 0.76 - 0.77
    • Fixed bug where changing the meter location and then cancelling the choice would not return the meter to its original position.
  • 0.75 - 0.76
    • Fixed bug where holding down the volume down key after previously pressing the mute key would result in the volume looping back to the previous level.
  • 0.74 - 0.75
    • Users may now have their pick of any action key they desire, rather than merely those pre-programed. :D
  • 0.73 - 0.74
    • Added mutex to enforce single instancing
  • 0.72 - 0.73
    • Added font face controls
    • Widget rejiggering

Files Included in the Download

  • VolControl.exe - The program executable
  • ReadMe.txt - ReadMe File
  • License.txt - License


VolControl no longer requires installation! Simply execute the VolControl.exe file to run it. Settings are kept in the volconsetts.dat file (only created if you change from the defaults.)


Once running, VolControl will sit in the background (optionally displaying a system tray icon) waiting for the user to press the specified hotkey combinations or media keys. It then alters the system's sound volume accordingly. You may use VolControl to change the volume either through the keyboard or by clicking the VolControl tray icon and using the popup meter. a. Settings
       VolControl offers a range of settings. Sensible defaults have been chosen which should satisfy most users. The available settings as of version 0.85 are
       as follows:
            1. General
                i. "Raise/Lower Volume By x"
                    The number "x" is the percent by which the volume should be raised or lowered. The percentage is calculated as a fraction of the maximum
                    possible volume and can be adjusted    by as minute a fraction as 0.1% through the GUI. To set a smaller or more precise stepping (e.g. 0.001%
                    or 11.65%) simply edit the volconsetts.dat file and change the "volumeStep=n" line (replacing "n" with any number larger than zero and smaller
                    than 100.) Let me know if you think that more minute controls should be available through the GUI.
                ii. "Show Tray Icon"
                    By default, VolControl will add its icon to the system tray. If you don't want it there, uncheck this box. If you previously hid the icon and want
                    it back you can either delete the vonconsetts.dat file or edit the line which reads "showTray=0" to read "showTray=1". The tray icon is the only
                    way to access the settings GUI and also offers a popup volume meter when clicked.
                iii. "Show Meter Bar"
                    By default, when you use the keyboard to change the volume, VolControl will show you a graphical meter displaying the current volume level.
                    The meter bar will show for 1 second plus the number of milliseconds allotted for it's entry/exit animation (400 milliseconds by default.)
                    Uncheck this box if you don't want to see the meter.
                iv. "Assign Hotkeys" / "Use Media Keys"
                    This setting controls how you are able to invoke VolControl from the keyboard. Setting this to "Use Media Keys" will set the volume controls
                    to the volume buttons on your keyboard (if you have them.) If you don't have volume buttons, then select "Assign Hotkeys" to assign a keyboard
                    combination to the volume up, down, and mute functions. Keyboard combinations are composed of two keys: a "meta" key and an action key. The
                    meta key can be either the Windows key, the shift key, the control key, the alt key, or "none".    Click the "Select" button next to each action to
                    select the action key. No two actions can share the same action key.
            2. "Text Appearance"
                This section controls the appearance of the meter bar text, if enabled.
                    i. "Has Text"
                        Enables and disables the text overlay.
                    ii. "Text Font"
                        Allows selection of the font to be used in rendering the percent overlay on the meter bar.
                    iii. "Text Color"
                        Allows selection of the font color to be used in rendering the text overlay on the meter bar.
                    iv. "Bold" "Italic" and "Underline"
                        Controls the bold, italic, and underline decorations of the text overlay.
            3. "Meter Appearance"
                    i. "Show Meter Bar"
                        Enables and disables showing the on-screen meter.
                    ii. "Border"
                        Enables and disables the drawing of a border around the on-screen meter.
                    iii. "Gradient"
                        Enables and disables the use of a color gradient for the meter bar.
                    iv. "Main Color"
                        Sets the primary color of the meter bar. If a color gradient is not used, this color will apply to the whole bar. If a color gradient is used, this
                        color applies to the top of the meter bar.
                    v. "Second Color"
                        If a color gradient is used, this color will apply to the bottom of the bar. If a color gradient is not used, this setting is diabled.
                    vi. "Meter Border"
                        If the border setting is enabled, sets the color for the meter border. If the border setting is disabled, then so to will this setting.
                    vii. "Meter Background"
                        Allows selection of the background color of the meter.
                    viii. "Change Meter Position"
                        Allows relocation of the meter bar.
            3. Effects
                This section allows you to change the animations for the meter bar's entry and exit as well as the speed of the animations (default is 200ms.)
                    i. The "Animation Speed" setting is in milliseconds (1/1000 of a second.) The default is 200ms or 1/5 of a second. The lower limit in the
                    GUI is 50ms, or 1/20 of a second; the upper limit is 2500ms or 2 and a half seconds.
    To reset the default settings simply delete the volconsetts.dat file and restart the application.


  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 users must set the Compatibility Setting for VolControl to Windows XP (still might not always work, though.)

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Ben Jokisch
Reply #6 on : Mon January 05, 2015, 10:26:46 CST
This app makes me happy... I wish I could give you a hug man. My Simple Audio Listen USB speakers wouldn't let me control volume with my keyboard/volume knob while using the USB audio input. Pretty big design flaw if you ask me. VolControl saved me! I set it to "use media keys" and it was... magical. Can I buy you a beer via paypal?
Reply #5 on : Thu April 17, 2014, 12:28:31 CDT
Reply #4 on : Wed September 12, 2012, 16:13:28 CDT
Simple but great app!! Setting the compatibility mode to XP service pack 2 worked for me in Win 7.
Reply #3 on : Wed June 27, 2012, 10:38:27 CDT
é otimo esse programa..
Reply #2 on : Mon November 07, 2011, 00:48:39 CST
Abre el archivo volcontrol.exe. Busque en el área de notificación de un icono del altavoz de color verde. Haga clic derecho sobre el icono y haga clic en "Settings". Cambiar la configuración de la pulsación de tecla preferido para cambiar el volumen y haga clic en "Save". Ahora debería ser capaz de invocar el programa utilizando el teclado, pulsar que ha definido.
mariana horas martins
como se usa
Reply #1 on : Sat November 05, 2011, 08:35:10 CDT
como se usa