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RB-libcURL is a REALbasic/Xojo binding for libcURL. It is designed and tested using RealStudio 2011r4.4 on Windows 7 against curl-7.40.0-devel-mingw32 and associated security and compression libraries (more platforms). The minimum supported libcURL version is 7.15.2

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License:MIT/X derivate Language: RealBasic

This project wraps libcURL's API in an object-oriented, event-driven, Xojo-flavored syntax. It fully supports Xojo-style threads (i.e. cooperative fibers), and is capable of both synchronous and asynchronous transfers using any supported protocol. All main features are known to work under Ubuntu 12.04 and may work on OS X.

Thorough documentation and a number of examples can be found on the wiki.