Welcome to Boredom Software! The home of me, a single male with a compiler and way too much time on his hands.

I not a professional software engineer. That being said, I enjoy writing code a great deal and I like to share my creations, software or not, with people. Which is why this website exists.

Some of my programs are arguably useful, though perhaps unimaginatively named. There's VT Hash Check which is a Windows Explorer context menu addon. It hashes files and queries the VirusTotal API with the hash, reporting back to the user the results of the most recent VirusTotal scan for that file, if any.

Others are completely frivolous and serve no purpose other than existing. For example, Blinkenlights, which shows a small rectangle of randomly alternating colored circles.

There are also several projects which are not full programs but rather useful components which can be imported into a REALstudio/Xojo project. These include classes such as an FTP client and server classes using pure RB; bindings for UnRAR and libcURL; and WinLib which exposes a wide range of Windows-specific APIs.

There are also one or two tech-related rants/raves over in the Commentary and Vitriol section and a fairly mundane list of links and resources.